SQLPro for SQLite App Reviews

Very Good and Easy to Use

I like this db manager very much. I have a small quibble with its not being useful in iCloud. It would be nice if it would lodge dagtabases in the cloud so I could access the db with a portable device wherever I am. As to support. I have had excellent luck in obtaining a quick and complete reply on Twitter from @SqliteProApp.

Query warning! Beware

I was trying to import a dump file with the query page. It kept failing, after looking into it here, they are executing all the queries at once! Beware! Caused a lot of headaches trying to clean up after that mess. Eventually went back to the commandline to get it to work.

Great app!

I bought this app to work on a SQLite database of my photography work. It works well and was simple to use.

Lost data

I rarely write unfavorable reviews, but I just lost a couple of hours worth of work because the app wasn’t saving my changes, and I didn’t discover this until closing and re-opening the file. Hard to trust a database editor that silently ignores saves.

Does what’s on the tin, but leaves me wanting

To inspect and manage SQL databases this app works great. The “reloading database” feature holds this app back the most: - When the DB changes, the app pops itself up and says “reloading database”. Pops itself up from the bottom of my window stack to just behind my foremost window—still very visually distracting. - While it’s “reloading database” the app is completely hung: can’t keep working on my SQL query; can’t resize the window; completely hung. - You can turn this feature off; but it will run all your SQL queries against a cached version of the database instead of the live one.

Looks good, works great

I’ve used SQL databases and GUIs for more than 20 years. I’ve used a few SQLite GUIs. Some of them don’t support standard operating system features (like cut/paste!) without crashing. Some of them stopped working after an operating system upgrade. SQLPro works. It works with MacOS 10.12.3 (latest as of this review). It doesn’t crash. It looks good. It supports exports to CSV and json. I’ve used it for about 6 weeks and highly recommend it.

Data integrity is an issue

I really want to like this program but I have had multiple times where it lost data. I input a bunch of data, save, quit, and come back later only to find that the data i put in previously is gone. The new text in the query tab is there but the newest records are gone. I do have the db in a dropbox folder, but I would think that if there were file access issues, it would at least tell me and not silently fail.

Does not work

Terrible app, this is a perfect example of why apple should give reimbursment for fraud app’s. SImple does not work. A file that I could open in an online database it says it is encrypted???? Lost USD20 bucks and had to make a review!

Still learning

I just installed this app on my MBP and it has crashed twice so far. ( I am running macOS 10.12 (Sierra) Beta 1. I am not finding any information on the “Controls” making learning this app a slow process. I can add records (aka rows) to my table but only in an unsorted condition. If I set a filter it adds a blank record (row) to the end of the table when I try to add a new row with the add (+) button. And I don’t know it because the filter does not show it. I really need to be able to add with a filter and sorted on a field to stop the addition of dupe rows and not have the filter hide my new row. I would like to apply the filter after I add each row but have not been able to find a way to do this. I really don’t want to have to buy another SQLite data base manager I want this one to work. So far not worth the $20.

really liking this app

I’m currently learning CoreData coming from a SQL Server background and this application makes working with SQLite feel similar to SQL Server. Keep up the good work.

Great product and support

I have been using this application as my sole database tool for nearly 2 years now, and have seen continuous development with numerous improvements. My workflow has defintely been improved as features have been added. I’ve reached out to the developer on his support forum on a few occasions and have had a wonderful experience — both a quick response and a quick resoultion to my issues. You can’t ask for much more from an application than this. SQLPro for SQLite has been absolutely worth the purchase price, and I can’t recommend anything else for anyone who deals with SQLite databases.

Exactly as advertised

I’ve been using this app daily. It is performant, has a great UI…no complaints!

Excellent and useful app

I purchased this application over a year ago and I use it almost daily devloping a large iOS app that relies heavily on core data. It is fast and gets the job done. My job would be much more difficult without it. Well done and well deserving of 5 stars.

What happened?

None of my files open now. I see the new app icon and say “oh great. an update”… i deleted all prefs and everything except the app, restart… still crashes as soon as i open a file. Is there a place to get the old app version?.. please? I use this every day.

SQLite Missing “IN"

Not bad but where is the “IN” option for filters. Ya know SELECT * FROM Table where ID IN (1,2,3,…). That’s basic SQL. Yes, you can run queries with the IN but you cannot use IN on the data filter, it is not given as an option on the dropdown. Without that option, this applicaiton is not very useful to me.

Better and better

I was using Lita for most tasks, but this app has only gotten better over time. Highly recommended. I use it for iOS developement.

Super helpful utility

Great for programming / checking work. Have been using this in conjunction with my python work for several months now and it’s been great.

I like it

I've had this for awhile. In the beginning there were some minor annoyances but it worked. As time goes on it seems to be continually improving and it really seems pretty solid now. I'm really happy with it now, it's quite good. It's definitely worth my money.

Excellent program for learning SQL

If you’re looking for an easy way to learn and practice SQL skills, this is a GREAT program! Not only does it make it easy to create and modify SQL tables, but you can also add / edit various records that are stored in them as well. Best of all, it has a Query mode that allows you to type in custom SQL query statements. Great for those who want to practice and learn SQL!

Great tool which makes me want to use Sqlite more

I find this tool to be very useful and it works well. I like it so much I am looking for more ways that I can use Sqlite or simply crunch data with this tool since it makes everything so easy.


Does what I need it to. Worth the cash if you are using SQLite.

Good application, some pretty gloaring UI and UX omissions

I’ve been using the Lita SQLite applicaiton until recently, but it was showing it’s age and I needed something more modern. All signs pointed to SQLite Professional. So I bought it and I haven’t been sorry yet. But I have been disappointed with a few user experience issues that I find pretty glaring. 1) When executing a query which returns more columns than can be shown in the results panel, there is no horizontal scroll bar. You have to drag to the right or left to move the screen in the direction you want to view. 2) The default mapping to execute a query was Cmd + Shift + E. There are better defaults out there. Pick one that more people are familiar with. One of the best things about Mac software is that stuff works just like you expect. 3) A bigger default font size might be a better choice as well. Started off with Monaco 11pt. Perhaps 12pt instead? 4) The transparent background on the data view might be a bad choice. Makes it hard to read my data sometimes. ----------- A few positive comments about the app. 1) After spending a few puzzled minutes looking for a “refresh/reload” button, I was absolutely delighted to notice that my database automatically reloaded itself when new data appeared. 2) The UI is very clean and easy to understand. The controls that are there do what they’d expect, and work like you’d expect. I wish I would have gotten this at the $9 price point advertised on the website, but it’s still a good deal at $20. Thanks for your hard work.

This is what I’ve always wanted for SQLite

I use Sequel Pro for MySQL and Postgress and wished to death that it supported SQLite. This app is the answer to that. It’s really good and does just what I need it to. Simple, effective, fast, and not some mangled Java mess attempting to be ‘native’. A+

Essential tool

Essential tool for iOS and Mac Developers. Rock solid app, no crashes at all. Keep up the excelente work!


This app works really good with my databases. I would say i’m a power user and take advantage of many features such as indexes and primary keys. This app does it all.

Have used it professionally on three enterprise development gigs.

This app has gotten the job done for me on four core data driven IOS apps. I hope that it will grow into an app like TOAD or SQL Enterprise manager. It has never crashed on me and I dig the record counts for the tables as it saves running a query to count rows in a table. It has really come in handy when I am ahead of backend developers and have to develop my own test data manually. I wish the editor was like a spreadsheet where I didn't have to go into an edit dialog for each row.


Works well…if this is a read only app and you’re too lazy to write sql queries. However, the app crashes every time I try to make a change in…say any kind of columns. Still a long way to go.

Unusable due to crashes

Since the updtate the app crashes immediately after opening my database. Stability wasn’t great before but now it’s awful.

Must have for any iOS developer...

This app is really great. A must have for any iOS developer. The perfect tool for working with a sqlite database.

Good Stuff

It’s not 100% yet, but what is there is well worth it. Being a software engineer myself, I can imagine what a nightmare it is to build an application like this. The updates are always a step in the right direction and I believe that one day this will be the standard for SQLite development. Great job, guys!

Great for developers

I’ve been loving this app for a while. I don’t mind the frequent updates as that at least means development is continuing. I use this all the time in my own development work. Keep up the great work!

So good.

This application is really solid. Never had a problem with it… and compared to the competition, it looks a lot better. Very happy with it!

Solid App

So far this app has been solid for quick views of SQLite dbs and simple queries.

Great App

Great app. Its easy to use and understand. Also it’s fast and clean, and what I like most is the UI. Work great, exactly what I was looking for Great app

Quotes need fixing

When I am writing a statement in the Query Mode, the editor automatically corrects single quotes, to be a formated single quote. Which SQLite wont read… If you type SELECT ’test’, it won’t work at all, which is really annoying.

Works great

So far this apps working great. I've got a decent sized database and i've had no problems using this app.

Great app

This app is really useful, it replaces (for me) the sqlite firefox addon, which by comparison is poor. I haven't experienced any issues with this app, and it has never crashed.

Good App and Support

I use it mainly as a data browser for my core data databases. This has more than enough features. I have used many SQL tools for different databases over the years and this finially gives me a good tool for sqlite. I had an issue today with 1.0.19, most likely caused by the 10.9 OS update, and the developer had the fix to me within minutes. Can’t beat that!


Please make bezelStyle of the buttons NSTexturedRoundedBezelStyle! i can't look at it!

Won't create a table!

Just purchased this for $9 and it doesn't work. I created db file, and filled out my 80 row table, only to have the app tell me there's an error, and that it can't provide any more information… I've never had an app fail this quick. I'm hoping that it will work once I restart my computer. Running 10.8 and i7 processor (64 bit).

Horrible Software

Crash every time. If you try to make only simple update with 150 records, the app freeze and crash! If you make the App opened, and add some record in some table in other software, this App jump in my taskbar but when I try to open, it's freeze and crash again! Resuming: It's impossible to have professional work with these app, at least in lastest version. I hope the company fix these bugs!

Working great

I've got a large database that I use this app for all the time. So far its done everything I've needed it to!

Definitely not "Professional"

It's been working fine for me except when I do bulk imports, inserts, and updates during which it will simply hang, requiring a force quit. If you're expecting something like Sequel Pro for SQLite, look elsewhere--this is not it. The name "Professional" is not fitting of a product that crashes so frequently.

Buggy, Crashes, useless

Bought this to modify a sqlite DB schema. It crashed every time I attempted to make a change, the UI is buggy and clumsy, and ultimately, I had to use a different tool to accomplish my tasks. This app will be promptly deleted… Only wish I could get my money back.

Works well

Works well and easy to use.


I've tried a couple different sqlite applications and honestly none so far do everything I want. This one comes the closes and for the price it cannot be beat!

Very Useful Utility

Until downloading this application, I used several, overly complex ways of seeding my SQLite DB for Core Data. This really simplifies the process by providing a nice interface to view and change values within the table. Thank you and please maintain support for this application.

Good app, stupid update cycles

I generally like this app and it does its job really well. As a developer, I’d really appreciate though if the developer of this app would stop updating it every couple of days. Three updates in I think a week is too much. I appreciate that you continue to work on this app, but please try to consolidate the changes you plan to make into fewer updates and stop clogging Apple’s review process with your updates. Thanks!


I use both this application and Navicat Premium professionally and personally. For the quick and dirty this application rocks. It’s quick, easy to use and gets the job done 100% of the time. It is well maintained and new features are being added every time. Give this app a shot and you won’t be disappointed.

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