SQLPro for SQLite App Reviews

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Nice, but works fast only with small number of records

With >50 rows in table becomes unresponsible with 99% CPU load

really liking this app

I’m currently learning CoreData coming from a SQL Server background and this application makes working with SQLite feel similar to SQL Server. Keep up the good work.

Still learning

I just installed this app on my MBP and it has crashed twice so far. ( I am running macOS 10.12 (Sierra) Beta 1. I am not finding any information on the “Controls” making learning this app a slow process. I can add records (aka rows) to my table but only in an unsorted condition. If I set a filter it adds a blank record (row) to the end of the table when I try to add a new row with the add (+) button. And I don’t know it because the filter does not show it. I really need to be able to add with a filter and sorted on a field to stop the addition of dupe rows and not have the filter hide my new row. I would like to apply the filter after I add each row but have not been able to find a way to do this. I really don’t want to have to buy another SQLite data base manager I want this one to work. So far not worth the $20.

Does not work

Terrible app, this is a perfect example of why apple should give reimbursment for fraud app’s. SImple does not work. A file that I could open in an online database it says it is encrypted???? Lost USD20 bucks and had to make a review!

Data integrity is an issue

I really want to like this program but I have had multiple times where it lost data. I input a bunch of data, save, quit, and come back later only to find that the data i put in previously is gone. The new text in the query tab is there but the newest records are gone. I do have the db in a dropbox folder, but I would think that if there were file access issues, it would at least tell me and not silently fail.

Good and quick with some problems

I am using this program mainly to access Core-Data-sqlites while developing applications. It’s simple and intuitive designed, quickly enabling you to display and modify data inside your databases. You can also access data with statements - the editor also offers basic error reporting in case you mistype a statement. However, large databases (currently i’m using one with >500.000 entries) show the limits of this software (big improvements with latests updates!). What really makes me sad is, if you are viewing results of sql-statements in large tables with many colums (40+), some of them are out of sight, and you can’t get them to show. It’s like they are just to far „on the right“ and the only way to access them is selecting just as many colums as you need. Once this issue is fixed, a 5-star rating for functionality seems to be perfect for this piece of software. Maybe the price is a bit high, but compared to many open-source tools, this program is pretty easy and fun to use.

Like it

Really like this app. Provides a nice and easy way to look at the DB. I mostly use it to inspect core data databases, which works really fine as well.

No support

The software is generally ok, but their support is not ok. I requested access to their support site twice, but did not get it.

Surprisingly very good!

There is an aweful lot of features in this app and havent found encountered a bug…. yet.


This developer is amazing. I left a critical review about some UI issues I had (see the "all versions" reviews to see it) and he fixed every single one of my issues in < a week. Lots of improvements in this version, responsive developer, useful software, 5 stars!

Very good Sqlite software

Awesome tool, so much better than using command prompt. Sent a question to support and received answer right away, awesome support.

Good app, excellent support

I’ve only use the app occasionally, and it’s served its purpose for me. A few features I’d like to see: - Support for viewing images. - Better UI for viewing text fields that contain large, multi-line strings. - Better (personal preference) key bindings. In particular, I like to use the tab key for auto-completion, and Ctrl-n and Ctrl-p for navigating the auto-completion list. I really need to highlight the superb support I received from the developer. I purchased the app on a Saturday and immediately encountered a bug. I contacted the developer, and received a response 30 minutes later indicating he had reproduced the bug. By Sunday morning, he made a new version avaible to me that fixed the bug. Truly excellent customer support.

Must-Have SQLite Development Tool

Very comprehensive tool; still waiting for a quicker way to process 1,000+ records (sometimes will hang), but the developer is VERY active in improving the application, and there are updates almost every week. Amongst all the SQLite apps out there, Im proud to have purchased this one.

Works great for our needs!

So far this app has been fantastic at allowing us to work with the SQLite databases that we have. We also just a new application that allows us to make changes to a file that the file’s creator doesn’t allow.

Awesome app, fantastic as part of the develoment tool chain

SQLPro for SQlite has been invaluable while I was debugging auto-generated SQlite DBs as well as for investigating some third party DBs that needed reviewing. It’s a no nonsense, no fuss application. Does what it needs to. Clean interface, fast, mostly stable though I have experienced a few issues when placeholders get left in the query that can crash it. Highly recommended if you are working with SQlite DBs and want a GUI to manage them.

Does everything that is promised!

Works great! The export options makes my life easy where I can share files in different formats. In the world of apps that promises a lot, this one actually deliver.


I use this every day! I love the auto-refreshing feature.

Does what it says on the can

Does it all, doesn’t crash, no problems. Excellent.

Helpful Tool!

Very handful and conveneint tool.

Very good SQL tool

Simple and very good.

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